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Retirement planning is one of the most important financial goals you’ll undertake during your lifetime – and the stakes are high. Do it right, and your golden years can be filled with joy. However, mistakes in the planning process can mean a retirement filled with worry and penny-pinching for you and your family.

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Ascutney Financial's - The Happier Retirement Podcast

Thinking about retirement can bring joyful anticipation of time spent with family, doing more of the things we love, and traveling. But, there can also be lots of changes and preparation needed when getting ready for retirement – and that could stir up some anxiety.

On The Happier Retirement Podcast your hosts, Guy Alderdice and Jordan Rich, will talk about how planning TODAY can lead to a happier retirement tomorrow. Each episode Guy and Jordan will give you the tools and advice you’ll need to help bring you one step closer to making this new chapter of your life the happiest both emotionally—and financially

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